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Why Landing Pages Are Essential For Paid Advertising

As online marketing reaches an all-time peak, and millions of people all around the world continue to buy online - there's a great chance for your business to prosper. However, with this increase of online marketing opportunities, there is also a tremendous increase in choices for each consumer. In fact, every time a consumer searches for whatever they're looking for - they'll be hit up with thousands to millions of different options to choose from. How does your business stand out in the situation? How do you make sure it's your brand that the consumer chooses? It is especially critical if you use paid advertising as your marketing tool and you pay for each visit to your website. Landing Pages play a huge role in addressing this issue.

The landing page is perhaps the most important aspect of your website. It is the web page where your visitor land for the first time. The landing page is the first impression anyone will have of your business and you have barely a few seconds to either convince them to stay and explore your products or services further or to click “Back” button and to never come again. It is essential that your landing page is able to convert that visitor into a customer or a client. In many cases, your landing page should not be your home page.

There are several elements to an effective landing page:

Value Propositions

The value propositions on your landing page are extremely important. The propositions made on your landing will increase the retention rate of the customers who visit your website and make them explore your business further.

The Offer

The ultimate offer made on your landing page will determine the end action of your clients. If proposed in an appealing and attractive way, more customers will be urged to try out your service or product.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

The Call-To-Action or CTA on your page is integral to ensuring the effectiveness of your offer and proposition. It can be either a form to grab visitor’s contact information or a CTA button (“sign up”, “buy now”, “subscribe”, etc.) . Make sure to end your text by adding a CTA and a link to proceed further. Without a CTA, there's much lesser chance a customer will follow up with your brand and engage your site visitor with your business. It is important that you have your CTA at the top of your landing page, before your visitor begins to scroll.

Fact is, most of the competitors in your market are doing one thing wrong, and it's their landing page. Whether you sell products or are providing a service or happen to be a lawyer, doctor, or a spa or a restaurant - maximizing the effectiveness of your landing page is essential.

The elements involved in creating a perfect landing page can be complex and often require A/B testing of that page with a number analytics tools to find the best variation of the page. Sometimes, just changing a color of the CTA button or an image or message can create a significant impact.

About Eddans Marketing:

Eddans is a Chicago-based boutique marketing firm that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. Our team consists of Digital Marketing professionals with an extended experience in Landing page creation, PPC, SEO and Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO).


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