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Mobile App Copyright Policy

1. Copyright of Eddans proprietary content

With the exception of your Original User-Generated Content, you are not granted any rights, title, interest, or license, or ownership including any copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights to any Content, other than as explicitly set forth in this policy. Such content on the Site, including without limitation, the text, software, graphics, photos, posts, and any Eddans-owned and hosted videos, which are owned by or licensed to Eddans, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights and trademark laws, trade secret laws, foreign laws, and international conventions. Other than as specifically permitted, you may not engage in the unauthorized use, broadcasting, copying, distribution, or any other form of exploitation of Eddans Content. All copyright, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights in the Site (including the design, arrangement, and look and feel) and all material or Content supplied as part of the Site, other than User-Generated Content, shall remain at all times the property of Eddans.

2. Limited License of User-Generated Content
By posting any Content on the Site, you grant to Eddans, Eddans affiliates, agents, and assignees a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide, paid-in-full, royalty-free license in all of the User IP (as defined below) for the purpose of operating the Site and performing the functions permitted by the Site. “User IP” means any copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and all other intellectual property belonging to a User and contained in Content posted on the Site by such User.

3. Copyright of Third-Party Content
Eddans has a video app, which showcasing a video to the public. Eddans respects the intellectual property of others.
There is no upload of the video content to the Site or to Eddans account, and there is no download of the video content from the Site or from Eddans account. The videos shown are simply linked to their original hosting server, where this publicly shared video is hosted and is being streamed from. The video is played on a such Third-Party Source’s embedded player. Since these Third-Party Sources allow embedding most of their videos and players on a public website, we use their embedding function to play their videos on the Site and our mobile app and to allow scheduling a playlist. Only videos, which are allowed to be embedded and used by these Third-Party Source on public sites and which are not restricted by the Third-Party Source can be played on Eddans mobile app or Site. 

4. Infringement Allegations
If you are a copyright owner of Content displayed through the Site and you have not authorized such display, we encourage you to contact the relevant Third-Party Source directly. We have absolutely no way to remove it from any Third-Party Source’s servers. If the Content is playing on our Site, then it is playing on the site of the Third-Party Source, as well and on any other site in which the Content is embedded. You can file a complaint, directly on such Third-Party Source’s website.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you would like to submit (or respond to) a request to remove any Content for any purpose, please visit and follow the instructions on our Notice and Takedown Policy page.
For your convenience, if you need to contact us as part of take-down procedures in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), please contact our DMCA Registered Agent listed below.

DMCA Agent:

Eddans Marketing, Inc.
Attention: Legal Department 
113 McHenry Rd, Unit 147
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA
By email:

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