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Pay per click marketing

Online Marketing, Cost-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Click, Google AdWords…...these are all words that you've probably come across before. Although they might be used interchangeably, there's a different meaning to every single one of them, and all of them pertain to online marketing.

Pay-Per-click or PPC offers countless opportunities that you can use to quickly improve your brand awareness, reach out to your target audience and let your business flourish. PPC can help you generate new leads, increase online sales, expand your reach, position your business better in the market, and drive more traffic to your website. Surprisingly, with the right setup and management, PPC can become the most efficient and least expensive marketing tool you can use to acquire new customers.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online marketing in which marketers or business owners use search engine advertising tools and pay for clicks on their ads to bring highly targeted visitors to their website or have them call business directly. Compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is very-time consuming and may take long for your website to appear in top positions of search engine search results (SERP), PPC is super-fast and by far more targeted. Business owners can start promoting their business almost instantly, determine profitable Customer Acquisition Cost and easily control their daily budget to make the campaigns profitable. Additionally, you localize your reach and show your ad only in a certain city, state or country.

When PPC is used?

PPC is used for all types of campaigns, including:

• Increasing sales

• Generating leads

• Promoting brand awareness

PPC is all about relevance. It is an “active” advertisement, which is shown to someone typing your keyword in search engine , like Google or Bing (“search PPC”). People are always searching for specific products, services, and information at any given time. It is much easier to sell your product or service to someone, who needs it or wants it, compared to “telemarketing” type of advertisement, when product or service is simply advertised passively to the broad audience.

Advertisers have the ability to show a targeted ad at the exact moment this search is occurring. For example, if a user searches for “create a tv channel online,” an advertiser can show an ad speaking to “create a tv channel online”

Securing more Business Opportunities

As we have mentioned above, with the help of a PPC Campaign, your business will show up in search results of the most common search engines instantly. You'll hence be able to expand your outreach and cater to customer that would've been unattended otherwise. All of this can play a major role in increasing your sales.

Drive More Revenue

Be it a local moving company or an online store - all businesses aim to increase profits and revenue. PPC offers you just the right opportunities to drive more revenue. With the help of PPC, you will get to display your ads in front of active and engaged buyers just when they're looking for your service or product online. If your PPC campaign is well structured and fully thought out, you'll be able to effectively increase your traffic, and eventually increase revenue.


Many business owners mistakenly avoid PPC because they believe that it is very expensive. The reality is that any marketing or business promotion cost either money or time. One of the most important considerations for any business is that revenues are generated and costs are controlled at the same time to keep the business profitable. With PPC, everything is measurable. You'll be able to track easily if your PPC Campaign is bringing in enough profits, and whether is it proving to be beneficial for your business.

All in all, a well-designed PPC campaign has the power to elevate your marketing strategy, bring you sales and clients and allows your business to thrive in any market.

About Eddans Marketing: Eddans is a Chicago-based boutique marketing firm that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. Our team consists of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media professionals with an extended experience in PPC, SEO and Conversion Ratio Optimization (CRO).


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